AusVantage ERP


The endless possibilities of a powerful ERP Solution

AusVantage ERP is a fully integrated and flexible business management solution. It’s suited for any size business, small or large, within supply chain focused industries needing intuitive and flexible software solutions.

Our ERP solution includes fully integrated business functionality covering Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounts, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Warehouse Management, Wireless Warehousing PDE Solution. In addition, it covers Business Intelligence (BI), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), e-Commerce and other related functions.

AusVantage is a superior ERP solution for forward-thinking businesses, as it not only offers a complete and affordable business solution but also provides a range of benefits. Our ERP solution is a scalable and robust system, catering for diverse business requirements.

AusVantage is comprehensive and easy to deploy with added services such as, Web and App design/development, Cloud Hosting and e-Commerce.



Why pick AusVantage ERP?

  • If you are looking for a robust, flexible and cost-effective ERP solution for today’s business requirements look no further than AusVantage ERP.
  • We tailor AusVantage ERP to suit your business needs, offering it at a fraction of the cost compared to other ERP systems in the market.
  • With no licence fees, fully integrated modules and a proven track record, AusVantage ERP is suitable for any size business, providing all the functionality required for your growing business.
  • AusVantage is an elegant and efficient application that will enable you to concentrate on your business while providing the critical information you require to continue your success.
  • You can always count on us. As a Uniware customer you have access to ongoing support to ensure your business running smoothly.

Uniware offers:

  • Competitive hourly rates for development and support.
  • Pre purchase of ‘blocks’ of development hours at discounted rates.
  • Fixed price quotations for development and support.
  • Uniware takes pride in working with our customers to provide them with the most cost-effective solutions especially tailored to their requirements.

What we can do for you:

Uniware can provide tailored payment plans for customers requiring both small and significant development to their applications.


Flexible options to fit your business strategy

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process by which a company manages and integrates the processes of its business. Additionally, Uniwares’ AusVantage ERP software is designed to organise and integrate areas such as planning, purchasing, sales, inventory, e-Commerce, marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), finance, accounting and human resources.

AusVantage is a perfect solution for industries seeking an ERP system that can provide a fully integrated solution for their business. AusVantage is currently helping customers thrive within the Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing and Service industries.

ClearConnect for AusVantage ERP is an advanced, e-Commerce solution. that enables electronic business trading over the web whilst running on RESTful web services and technologies. Additionally, ClearConnect will save you time and money while enabling you to become more productive. Create true two-way, real-time integrated Web stores that are tailored for your organisation’s needs.

Uniwares’ Accounting Software – Business Intelligence (BI) provides a bird’s eye view of the performance of your organisation. Moreover, our reports encompass Financial, Inventory, Warehouse, Manufacturing and Sales Metrics geared to make your planning and forecasting a breeze. Great for a small to medium size business looking to increase market share and manage costs.

Uniware staff have the expertise and knowledge to provide all our customers with exceptional face-to-face or remote training. We will take the stress out of keeping existing or new staff up to date with new developments in AusVantage, allowing your business to run as efficiently as possible.

Enjoy a customisable Forms Management System that integrates seamlessly with any database system. The Uniware Forms Management System consists of the Forms Designer and the Form Services.

To ensure a smooth and successful implementation of AusVantage, Uniwares’ project managers invest time with our customers to understand their business requirements. Let our experienced project managers work with you to ensure a successful implementation of AusVantage.

The Uniware Cloud service is designed for the small – medium enterprise. Let Uniware host your mission critical application, MultiValue or another database, in its Melbourne-based Equinix Data Centre Cloud Services.