AusVantage Training


Take advantage of our comprehensive, up-to-date AusVantage ERP training program

Keeping your staff up to date and properly skilled is critically important. That’s why we offer a range of training courses to our clients. These courses are run by our own highly experienced trainers who know both the commercial market place and the applications inside and out. It means your team gets the most comprehensive ERP training available on-site at your premises, in-house or via the web.


The importance of effective ERP Training

Make use of the AusVantage training offer to ensure your business successfully implements the ERP system and gain information for staff to work more efficiently and competently.

ERP end users must be well trained to fully utilise the functionality of the AusVantage ERP system in order to reduce costs, save time, improve processes, boost productivity and produce higher quality work.

Conversely, users with no training of AusVantage could result in interruptions and delays in adopting your AusVantage ERP system. It is vital when introducing AusVantage to your business to ensure all staff receive adequate training during the early stages of implementation ensuring a smooth transition. This will also ensure a successful implementation of AusVantage and smooth operations of your business.

It is also a wise decision to provide staff with refresher training for both new and existing staff ensuring they are well training and taking advantage all of what AusVantage has to offer.

Successfully implement your ERP system and achieve continued success with the help from our expert support team.


  • Reduction of training time for new staff
  • Greater efficiency gains per staff dollar spent
  • Maximises returns on investments in systems
  • Happier educated workforce
  • Our training courses can be held at your site.
  • Group Training or one-on-one training .
  • Specific training content can be coordinated in advance to provide your team with the exact information that they need, together with ample opportunity for personal questions (onsite/remote).

For customised courses or more information regarding courses please get in touch with us!