e-Commerce Solution


Breathe life into your business with our powerful eCommerce solution

ClearConnect for AusVantage ERP is an advanced, e-Commerce solution that enables electronic business trading over the web whilst running on RESTful web services and technologies that will save you time and money while enabling you to become more productive. Create true two-way, real-time integrated Web stores that are tailored for your organisation’s needs.

Taking advantage of ClearConnects flexible web functionality, your website will present brand consistency and display up to date inventory categories and extended product descriptions and images.

Provide your customers with a real-time gateway to easily transact and execute online, place orders, check stock availability and prices, request copy invoices, view back orders. Indeed any type of transaction process or data can be made available.


  • Full product catalogues
  • Secured databases
  • Shopping carts
  • Product specifications
  • Order status and stock order processing
  • Logging service – call status and escalation
  • Sales Rep Processing Suite
  • Sales History View or Download
  • Customer Order Template Options
  • Full Customer Enquiry Options
  • View invoices, orders and adjustment notes
  • Full customer service
  • Online maintenance
  • Supporting both B2B and B2C

End-to-end Integration

A true online system with all transactions placed over the internet being updated immediately into AusVantage. Any and all changes that occur within the AusVantage database are also immediately reflected within your website, providing your customers with updated information as it occurs.



Today, customers demand a personalised online shopping experience. ClearConnect provides Web store capabilities that help virtually any business to create a dynamic and personalised online store. Uniware has added services which help with web and app design, SEO and more.

Advanced Customisation

With simpler web management tools, tailor your online business practices to meet your unique company and customer requirements. Access to a complete Web store that integrates directly to your ERP system and an e-Commerce solution with custom tailored functions to fit your business processes.

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ClearConnect e-Commerce Solution