Free ERP Licensing

Free ERP Solution

The AusVantage ERP solution is FREE of licence fees.

Have as many modules and users as you wish with NO licence fees.
Uniware provide new and existing customers with an affordable, fully integrated and scalable ERP solution.

Our vision is to provide a world class fully functional ERP solutions without the expensive cost of ownership.

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Are you looking for a robust, flexible and cost-effective ERP solution?

AusVantage customers can take advantage of our new licence model:

  • Free ERP Licensing
  • Includes full access to all AusVantage ERP modules
  • FREE access to future version/release of AusVantage
  • Includes all AusVantage ERP Modules, report writing tools, business intelligence cube designer, cube viewer (unlimited), forms processing, forms designer for documents such as invoices and purchase orders at no charge.
  • Fully integrated E-Commerce/Sales Rep Processing solution
  • Monthly support/Maintenance required.
  • Full phone/email/onsite/remote (secure VPN) support from local Australian owned business
  • 24/7 support available upon request
  • Training/Implementation charges, are applicable and are determined during the scoping process

For maintenance and other enquiries, please get in touch.

ERP Modules

Gain access to each and every AusVantage ERP module which benefits your business.
AusVantage is a complete ERP solution.


Monthly support and maintenance is a must when using AusVantage. This allows Uniware to continue to develop AusVantage with the latest technologies.

Local Support

Gain access to a team of dedicated staff committed to delivering exceptional customer service.

Interested in AusVantage ERP?

Read more information on how our licence Fee Free ERP solution can benefit your company.

Who Is Uniware?

A specialist provider for technology solutions with the widest range of MultiValue Database applications in Australia and New Zealand. Delivering exceptional cloud and in premise MultiValue Database technology and ERP solutions.

The experience and knowledge gained in providing exceptional technology solution and services over four decades has molded us into the complete technology solution provider we are today. We maintain our excitement and dedication to the continuous development of our solutions with the latest technological advancements.

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