Database Maintenance


Built For The Future

Uniware supports and maintains jBASE, OpenQM, Unidata, Universe and D3 MultiValue databases for all its customers. Let Uniware take care of your database where we can continually review the database and operating system settings to ensure your database is always running at its best.

Make data maintenance a priority with Uniware

Uniware also offers 24/7 database support to give you piece of mind that if in the unlikely event you do have any database issues, Uniware is there to resolve them as quickly as possible, with as little interruption to your business as possible.


  • Upgrades to the latest versions available
  • Review database and operating system settings to ensure optimum performance
  • Review files sizes and resize file where applicable
  • Advise/fix any potential database corruptions

As part of our maintenance service, Uniware will review:

  • Operating system settings
  • Database settings
  • Database file structure and size
  • Hardware/server performance

With the results of these and numerous other case by case system checks, Uniware can provide you with recommendations to improve your system performance where necessary, helping you maintain a robust and efficient application.

Why database maintenance is important for your business

The goal of implementing a database maintenance strategy is to ensure the data is up to date, secure, accurate and readily available when required. Regular database maintenance is also recommended to ensure minimum to zero data loss. Also to note is a poorly maintained database can affect application performance, system downtime and lead to data loss.

A poorly maintained database can result in performance degradation and corrupt database files, to name just a couple of potential issues. It is critical to business that their database be running as efficiently as is possible to eliminate any potential downtime and loss of business.

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