Web & App Integrations

We provide you with exceptional customer care, with our team of experienced web and app developers we are able to work alongside you to create your very own personalised project.

Website Development

We help organisations implement their multi-channel strategies. We use responsive design techniques to allow for browser capabilities and device constraints. Our web developers can develop mobile friendly websites for your platform so that your customers enjoy the best experience.

Business App Development

With smartphones and tablets reaching every hand, a great mobile app for your business is a must. People prefer to buy, book and search online for everything these days. We build interactive and easy to use apps for Android and iOS. Gaining new customers on the move is a smart way to grow your business.

e-Commerce | Integration Solutions

We specialises in integrating back office systems with your front-end website. The integration of data, enhances communication and information sharing, leading to dramatic gains in functionality, productivity and speed. e-Commerce is one of the fastest growing industries, if your business incorporates e-Commerce, having an easy to use website and a hassle free transaction process are your top priorities.

Application Integration Benefits

Let AusVantage take care of all your application integration needs.

AusVantage has a full set of API’s that allow integration with your website, mobile application or any other software application that has available API’s.

No more double handling of your data within a website. By having a comprehensive application integration system with AusVantage, you can provide/display the right data in ‘real time’ ensuring data integrity for all your website and application needs.

Integration of your website and mobile applications with AusVantage will provide you with significant time and cost savings and most importantly provide your customers with the details they need, without having to contact you, saving everyone valuable time while helping you increase your customer sales.

Having a great ERP solution such as AusVantage ERP is fantastic for running your business.

However, this is not the full solution that will help your business thrive in this extremely competitive environment.
Uniware have developed e-commerce solutions, App solutions and web solutions to help customers leverage the latest technologies in helping their businesses reach their customers.
Uniware can help your business modernise your already strong applications to attract more customers to your business.

Get in touch to discuss how Uniware can assist you.

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