Multivalue Databases


What is a MultiValue Database?

MultiValue database is a type of NoSQL and MultiDimensional database, typically considered synonymous with PICK. It offers an efficient and user-friendly database technological experience that differs from the traditional relational database meaning they support the use of attributes having a list of values, rather than a single value.

Uniware provides the widest range of MultiValue database applications within Australia and New Zealand.

With over 40 years experience in the software development/design industry Uniware is able to help you maintain your existing application as well as develop new functionality to suite your growing business.

MultiValue database technology is used extensively in industries such as; Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Local Government and Health Care. In fact a day will not go by where you have not interacted somewhere with a MultiValue application. Many of the world’s largest organisations use MultiDimensional technology for their core business applications.

Let Uniware be your valued partner in ensuring your current MultiValue application or database meets the growing needs to your business.

Uniware can provide you with the
following database services:

  • Database support and maintenance
  • Application support and maintenance
  • Application development and modernisation
  • Implementation of e-commerce solutions
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Need a database that is robust, efficient and cost effective?

Look no further than the MultiValue database system. For many decades MultiValue databases have been servicing many industries. Built on proven technology MultiValue databases are some of the most robust, efficient and cost-effective databases available within the market today.

Uniware has the expertise and experience in hosting MultiDimensional database solutions within our Uniware Cloud; a platform which is built on industry-leading technologies and located in Equinix one of the most secure and leading data centres in Melbourne. Uniware Cloud designed for MultiValue applications, supported by people who understand MultiDimensional environments.

MultiValue Databases

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MultiValue Development and Support

Uniware is available to assist you 24/7 to ensure that your business is running at its optimal performance.