A MultiValue Database Developed For Complex Business System Applications

D3 provides a high performing database with easy access and functionality to business critical transactional and analytical applications. With the ability to manage diverse types of data, D3 offers data connectivity tools to connect other external databases. Featuring MultiValue web services exposing both Pick basic and Access queries (AQL) as web services.


  • Minimum risk with efficient disaster recovery
  • Easily connect to any data source, including Oracle and web services
  • Supports SSL and SSH communications
  • Allows multiple connections – Supported clients include both the .NET and Java
  • Access to exceptional D3 Support through Uniware

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To ensure the implementation service we provide is right first time-around, we follow and secure the following deliverables:

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Flexible and Efficient

A flexible MultiValue database that builds an efficient business application which is flexible for any business environment. D3 DBMS technology allocates table space automatically for better performance and minimise disk usage for maximum efficiency.

Dynamic and High Speed

An advanced database that enables native web page writing in real-time, further making it easy for desktop and mobile applications to function together. Equipped with MultiValue technology, that requires minimum memory and offers dynamic features such as seamless interoperability.

Quick Application Development

Helps your business to develop applications quickly by combining data connectivity tools with rapid application development (RAD) tools. With high-performance interfaces for data sources and platforms, that help connect any type of MultiValue database application.

Unbeatable Support

Uniware has a history of successfully integrating D3 to its client database; we can do this on premise or in the Uniware Cloud. We have a skilled team of developers who are here to provide you with exceptional D3 support and help you manage your MultiValue database application.

MultiValue Development and Support

Uniware is available to assist you 24/7 to ensure that your business is running at its optimal performance.

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