What Is OpenQM?

OpenQM has long sought to revolutionise the MultiValue industry, taking MultiValue to new heights of performance and expectation. This is well underway.

OpenQM comes bundled with AccuTerm offers a cost-effective, high-performance environment in an extremely efficient footprint and at a fraction of the cost as compared to other MultiValue databases. It features familiar modern technologies, which makes it suitable for both Pick and Basic developers, allowing you to enjoy simplified web development, auto-sizing of database files and object oriented programming.

The Only Database with Data Replication Both Ways

A Change Made Anywhere Appears Everywhere

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To ensure the implementation service we provide is right first time-around, we follow and secure the following deliverables:

  • High performance, self-tuning file system with B-tree based indexing
  • 128, 192 and 256-bit data encryption at record or field level
  • QMNet for access to QM files on remote servers
  • Virtual File System for access to alien file structures
  • Object oriented programming fully integrated into QMBasic
  • Many development and diagnostic tools
  • Bundled with AccuTerm, a leading terminal emulator
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities

Try OpenQM For Free

With a skilled team of developers and programmers Uniware has you covered when it comes to supporting our resellers and partners. Try OpenQM for free to discover what this cost-effective and high-performance database can do for your business.
Uniware is the proud distributors of OpenQM to the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Want To Know More?

To learn how OpenQM can revolutionise your business process read our informative datasheet.

Significant Reduction in Total Cost of Licensing

With OpenQM, you will enjoy a reduced total cost of licensing. Add users without significant cost, allowing you to invest in other complete business operations, rather than software licenses. OpenQM is fully featured and offers very cost effective annual maintenance and very flexible Uniware Cloud licensing options.

Efficient and Reliable Database

Developed using QMBasic; an easy to learn programming language, QMBasic provides powerful data manipulation operations, offering efficiency and reliability of performance for your MultiValue applications. OpenQM delivers high performance and scalability for your business with minimum footprint.

Bundled Software with Seamless Transition

OpenQM has close compatibility with other MultiValue products, which makes the migration from other MultiValue platforms painless while also bundled with AccuTerm; a leading terminal emulator, along with API’s to C, Visual Basic, Power Basic and a Simple SQL interface.

Unbeatable Support

Exceptional technical support from Uniware and access to the Uniware Cloud platform. We have a skilled team of programmers and developers, who will assist our partners in taking care of their MultiValue database.

MultiValue Development and Support

Uniware is available to assist you 24/7 to ensure that your business is running at its optimal performance.

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