MV Dashboard


Why MultiValue Dashboard

MultiValue Dashboard was designed to help gain insight into your business data. MV Dashboard is based on the Pick-BASIC programming language making it a simple, Pick-based web server that any developer can set-up in minutes, using their existing knowledge and expertise. MultiValue Dashboard works on Windows Server, Linux and IBM AIX and the Databases supported include jBASE, OpenQM, D3, Universe and UniData.

MV Dashboard is a centralised, web-based portal that can be used daily to view critical stats about your businesses data, while allowing you to make real-time decisions. You can select and present your critical business data with intuitive, web-based graphical interfaces and widgets, giving you the tools you need to make rapid business decisions based on real-time data.

With Uniware you have access to the most experienced and dedicated team of Pick and D3 programmers to assist you with your need to maximise your MultiValue investment with MultiValue Dashboard.


  • Rapidly build web-based graphical interfaces and produce interactive
  • Reports using live data from your Pick MultiValue application
  • Create information alerts that can be delivered by any local RSS
  • Generate widgets using real-time Pick/BASIC code and MultiValue data
  • Easily drag and drop widgets onto a dashboard layout
MVDashboard screenshot

Replace Printed Reports with Real-Time Web Dashboard

View Charts and reports in a web browser to see real-time information directly from your MultiValue Data

Increase ROI with Ease of Use

Leverage your existing Pick/BASIC programming skills with MultiValue Dashboard, streamlining development and cutting costs.

Produce Instant Visuals of your MultiValue Data

View your most critical business information using web-based dashboards filled with charts, graphs and maps.

Want To Know More?

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